Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Reviews Indy Qualifying

James Hinchcliffe
James Hinchcliffe
No. 5 Arrow Electronics Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Honda
“The No. 5 Arrow Electronics car was really good, very consistent. That was always our strength here: our strength last year to get pole, our strength yesterday across four laps; not a lot of degradation and hopefully that helps us out here today. We don’t have the out-and-out pace that we wanted and what we were hoping for, but not for a lack of trying. Everyone at SPM worked really hard for that. The track throws you a lot of curveballs in four laps… I’m representing a lot of hard work. That’s what it comes down to. So many man hours have gone in to preparing this car and just preparing for this race in general. It means so much to everybody on this team, and I do feel a tremendous amount of responsibility when they strap me in to go out there and do them proud.”

Mikhail Aleshin
Mikhail Aleshin
No. 7 Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Honda
“I think just looking at the result of all three SPM cars, we’ve gained some speed today without even practicing, because we don’t need to practice (haha)! Just kidding. Seriously, we were just working so hard, and the team did a fantastic job. Qualifying is going well so far, but most importantly we need to work on the race and that’s what we will focus on.”

Jay Howard
No. 77 Lucas Oil Team One Cure Honda
“It keeps going back to the same thing I’ve said since I got here: the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports guys are such an awesome team. We never panicked, same as Honda, thanks to all those guys who work together — this is truly a team effort. We knew we lost a little speed after yesterday… We stayed calm, looked at the data, looked over the facts and figured out what we needed to do. Ultimately we found the right call because we got some of the pace back. So we’re happy campers! A huge thank you to Team One Cure, Tony Stewart Foundation – not sure when Tony’s back, maybe we’ll pick up a couple more mph as he’s our good luck charm – Jim Beam, Lucas Oil, the list goes on. It’s been unbelievable so far and we’re going to keep enjoying it!”


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