Could Blaney And Wood Brothers Visit Victory Lane At Talladega?

Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney and the Motorcraft/Quick Lane team return this weekend to Talladega Superspeedway, site of some of their best performances in recent years.

In his last four races at the big Alabama superspeedway, Blaney drove the Wood Brothers’ iconic No. 21 to fourth-place, ninth-place and 11th-place finishes. Engine trouble in the fall of 2015 caused the only blemish on his Talladega record.

With the No. 21 team showing speed consistently all season, the extra attention the Woods give to superspeedway cars and Blaney’s growing reputation among his peers adds up to Blaney soon joining the pantheon on racing royalty who have won with NASCAR’s longest-running team.

 Donnie Allison, David Pearson and Neil Bonnett all have piloted the No. 21 Ford to victory lane at Talladega. Pearson won three spring races in a row between 1972 and 1974.

Blaney pulls into Talladega 12th in driver points.


 On Superspeedway Racing:

“Superspeedways have always been a good track for the 21 team. We’ve had chances to win and have come up a bit short a couple times. Big thing is staying out of trouble and trying to position yourself for the end.”


  •  Is 12th in driver points standings
  • Finished fourth in his first Cup race at Talladega in 2015
  • Finished ninth and 11th at Talladega last season WOOD BROTHERS TALLADEGA FAST FACTS:
  • Has four spring race wins at Talladega:
  • Donnie Allison (1971) and David Pearson (1972, 1973, 1974
  • Neil Bonnett won the 1980 fall race at Talladega



 On Preparing Cars for Superspeedways:

“A lot of the work that we do with speedway cars revolves around holding things to very tight tolerances, making sure the finish work is as perfect as you can make it. There’s just a lot of detail work that goes into every car, but the speedway cars seem to get a little extra attention.”

On Ryan Blaney’s Ability to Attract Drafting Help:

“He’s certainly proven to the competition that he is capable of making good, smart decisions and that gives those around him confidence to work with him. That certainly helps when it comes down to the end of the race and you need someone to give you a push.”


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