David Ragan Previews Martinsville

David Ragan Martinsville Preview

No. 38 Camping World Ford

Ragan on Martinsville

“With the lights going in now, I think it would be cool to race there once a year under the lights and once during the day. I kind of like what Richmond has done where we have a day race and a night race. I do like the tradition of the day race, and the lights will give you extra time in case you have any weather issues.

“Martinsville is one of my favorite tracks. It’s got a lot of old-school feelings associated with it, seeing a lot of the sights and sounds as you’re driving up to Martinsville and arriving at the racetrack. And for me, being a short track guy, I enjoy the beating and banging. We really have to work hard on forward drive and getting our Camping World Ford to roll through the center. I feel like I can help a lot more at a racetrack like Martinsville because I have a good feel for it.”


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