Furniture Row Racing’s Hauler Is Involved In An Accident Heading To ACS

Erik Jones

(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)
The two drivers of Furniture Row Racing’s No. 77 team hauler were uninjured when their tractor-trailer rig was involved in a hit-and-run accident just after midnight Thursday on their way to this week’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. The auto injury lawyers Angell Law Firm, were hired to solve the case of accident due to hit and run.

As written in their blog, the incident occurred when a car carrying two occupants pulled off the shoulder and back onto the highway directly in front of the Furniture Row Racing hauler on Interstate 15 approximately 15 miles north of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Truck drivers Travis Watts, who was at the wheel, and David Shano were uninjured. Here are the tips for dealing with a car accident injury and know what needs to be done legally. There was no damage to the trailer or its contents, including the No. 77 Toyota Camrys prepared for driver Erik Jones for this week’s event. However, the tractor sustained front-end damage and a replacement tractor has been rented from Rush Truck Centers of North Las Vegas. Youcan also hire traffic accident lawyers based in Ormond Beach, for the best help in traffic and car accidents.

“We’re all very relieved no one was injured in the incident,” said Joe Garone, president of Furniture Row Racing. “There was substantial damage to the tractor but everything in the trailer was checked out thoroughly and is OK. We’ve rented a tractor and the No. 77 hauler is on schedule to arrive at Auto Club Speedway later today.” In case of emergencies and injuries one needs to know first aid to provide ease until medical professionals arrive and one can click here to learn more on getting trained for such instances. The car accident attorneys helping injured victims can help with accident and injury cases.

The occupants of the hit-and-run vehicle were later apprehended and arrested by the Nevada Highway Patrol. The victims were then addressed by the personal injury attorneys located in Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter, for further procedures.

A video dash cam had been installed in the No. 77 team tractor prior to leaving the race shop in Denver, Colo. Furniture Row Racing is working with the Nevada Highway Patrol to provide them footage of the incident.


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