David Ragan Auto Club Speedway Preview

David Ragan

(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

David Ragan on Fontana

Auto Club Speedway is one of those tracks that just continues to change and get better with age. I’ve been around this sport for over 10 years now. It’s funny to see how tracks had been perceived when I first came on board and how we raced versus how we do today. So, it definitely is a moving target. You can run all the way below the yellow line and all the way to the top. It’s got four or five grooves that you can find speed in, and it’s turned out to be a great racetrack for all the series that run out there.

“It’s a unique track with very long straightaways, and it doesn’t have a lot of banking. But you fly into those corners. Tires are very important. I think the stages will allow for somebody to short-pit and get some fresh tires to try to make up some ground to potentially win one of those segments. So, you may see some different strategies in play, and our Camping World team could certainly take advantage of opportunities like that.”
Meet David
Sunday, March 26, 7:15amSunrise Service (Auto Club Speedway Fan Zone Main Stage)


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