A Carl Edwards Sighting At The NASCAR PIR Test

Carl Edwards

As I was walking around the garage stalls this morning prior to the official start of the NASCAR MENCS testing I crossed paths with the now not retired but officially non active MENCS driver Carl Edwards.  It was quite shocking to see him strolling through the garage in shorts, golf shirt and tennis shoes.  I briefly asked him, as we crossed paths, what he was doing at  this NASCAR test.  He retorted that he was here helping!

We continued to walk our separate ways but that stimulated my thoughts!  I thought that he had “stepped away’ from NASCAR and here he is at a test session!

Fast forward about two hours and I was walking through the garage area next to Suarez’ car and I find Edwards “holding court”, or was he cornered?  I not sure what really happened.  There were four gentlemen, one of which was Bob Pockrass.  I immediately got out of the throttle, grabbed a brake, turned hard right and listened in to this make shift interview/press conference.

These reporters were querying Edwards on the status of all the rumors that have been floating throughout the NASCAR world since his abrupt departure from the cockpit.  He was asked about the rumor that was floating out there that he was seeking public office.  He chuckled and retorted that he really was surprised about that idea and how quickly that erupted.  He unabashedly and unilaterally said that he is NOT running for office and is definitely not gathering up a campaign staff.

Edwards went on to say about the news that he wouldn’t rule out a run for office: “That went out of control. The point is I don’t ever rule out anything. I don’t have any interest in politics for politics. I really do believe in American and I believe that if a person can help maintain the future opportunities for other people like the opportunities all of us have had, that’s our duty as Americans, that’s what the whole country is founded on. If that’s something down the line that fits in that I can do, that would be an endeavor that I would be real proud of. But I’m not like putting together this campaign or something. Not right now.

He then asked all of us what other rumors were floating about his “future”?  It was suggested that he was going to be Dodge’s new driver and was offered a boat load of cash to do that!  Again he put that rumor to bed saying that there absolutely was no such offer at this time!

When pressed about why he was here at Phoenix during this test he replied that he was here to help TRD, Joe Gibbs Racing in any way that they needed and to help Daniel Suarez adjust to this new ride in the MENCS.

When asked what has consumed his time since his departure, Carl said that he has been working out a heck of a lot and that he is also working on getting his sail boat captain’s license!

That is very interesting!  But it kind of makes sense, since he is a licensed a pilot with his own airplane!  I mean why wouldn’t he want to be qualified to take a big boat out to sea!

We may have to change his nick name from “Cousin” Carl to “Captain Carl”!


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