Josh White: An Up And Coming Young Gun

Josh White

(photo courtesy Josh White Racing)

For those of you who may not follow one of the NASCAR feeder series, ARCA, there is a young man that you ought to keep your eyes on!  He is a young gun from West “By God” Virginia that is exercising all means to make his dreams come true in the big time racing world.

Josh White has been acknowledged as one of the most exciting up and comers in the ARCA Series.  Josh is regularly called “White Lightning” by those close to him, due to his speed on the track, as well as his determination and endless drive to succeed.

Josh began his racing at a very early age in anything that would “go fast”.  He quickly got up to speed racing in 2007, beginning in IHRA Street Modifieds with four wins at Kanawha Valley Dragway, designed to emphasize driver skill over car preperation.  After winning regularly in 2007, White stepped up a class to the IHRA Modified in 2009, capturing five wins at Kanawha Valley Dragway.

After racing and competing against the best driver in his class, Josh began to explore other opportunities to race at a higher level.  In 2011, he set his sights on stock car racing, moved into IMCA Crate Late Models earning five top five finishes, and one win at I-77 raceway.

In 2012, Josh made a very big jump into the ARCA Series where he began testing with multiple teams preparing for the future.

White’s official rookie season in ARCA began in 2013 with his debut at Toledo Speedway, where Josh managed a 13th place finish despite experiencing engine and communication issues during the race event.  August 2013 saw Josh signing with an ARCA team where he competed in select ARCA events.

White is competing in select events in 2015 in the ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards.  Josh’s aggressive, bonzai, on -the- edge driving style has made him not only a crowd favorite but one of the drivers getting the most media exposure.

Working On My Redneck arranged to interview this up and coming, and determined, young gun in the ARCA Series.

Working On My Redneck: At what age did you first want to become a race car driver?

Josh White: I wanted to become a race car driver when I was 4 years old, and I’ve followed that dream ever since.

Working On My Redneck: When did you first get behind the wheel of a race car?
Josh White: I first got behind the wheel of a race car at the age of 16. I started drag racing. When I turned 18, I began racing crate late models on dirt, and I started chasing my dream of stock car racing.

WOMR: Who helped you get into your first race car?
JW: Nobody helped me get into my first race car. I mean, my mom gave me my car. I decided to race, but she intended it to be a daily driver!

WOMR: How involved were your parents in your racing beginnings?
JW: My parents weren’t really involved. They just thought I was on the road to nowhere. They thought that I was chasing a pipe dream, which kind of hurt. But I kept going, and now they are really supportive because I’m making progress.

WOMR: I read that your first ARCA races were at Duquion and Springfield. How was driving a heavy “door slammer”, an ARCA car, on the mile dirt?
JW: It was interesting. The car was always either really tight or really loose. I couldn’t find that middle ground of where I was really happy with it to race how I like to race on dirt. But I still managed to get some speed out of it at both events. Additionally, I started next to my team mate on the starting grid, after putting down some decent laps in qualifying.

WOMR: Do you have any interests outside of racing?
JW: I like to hunt, fish, camp, and fourwheel. I like to hangout with friends, and I like to spend time with what little family I have.

WOMR: What does your average work week look like?
JW: My average work week, aside from racing, is non stop. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not doing something. I have my own lawn care business, and for some reason, after these races I can’t seem to not be working on my vehicle. Something always happens with it, but I fix it, work hard, and I go racing!

WOMR: Who are you racing regularly for this year, and how did you get together with this organization?
JW: I’m racing for Hixson Motorsports out of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. I’ve known my team owner since 2013, when I raced in Toledo in the ARCA Trucks. When I met Wayne Hixson, we just hit it off. We’re great friends, and we have a great team owner-driver relationship. We also have a lot of trust. I have a team with alot of potential, if someone was to take a chance on me and get us some good equipment for these races. My team has the experience, and the know how, to win or get a great finish!

WOMR: What are your expectations for 2015, and what are the realities of 2015?
JW: Well my expectations for 2015 are very short and dry. I don’t want to get my hopes up so I don’t have any! I’m just taking one step at a time, and in all reality, we will continue to go racing and we might be in the top 30 in points at the end of the year. If not, then oh well, I’m having a great time this year! I just want to get some good sponsors behind me so I can really show what I’ve got, and go for it. Well, let’s not call them expectations, let’s call them hopes.

WOMR: What are your expectations for 5 years from now, 10 years from now?
JW: I hope that in the next 5 years I’ll be in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, if not in Cup by then. In 10 years, hopefully a full time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, or full time competitor.

WOMR: What are you most proud of professionally, personally?
JW: Both professionally and personally I’m proud of the progress that I’m making in the sport. Five years ago I never thought that I would have turned laps at Daytona and Talladega or any of the ARCA tracks. I thought that I was a long way off from making it that far. And because I have made it this far, it makes me very happy and I’m very proud of that!

WOMR: What are your strongest traits and how will that help you through the bumps in the road that will lie ahead?
JW: My strongest traits are dedication and drive. No matter how hard the bad will hit me, I always keep going and I try harder, a lot harder! fact, it motivates me to keep going.

Josh white

(photo courtesy front stretch photography)

There is an old addage that goes something like this: The driver/car owner asks the engine builder “how fast will this engine go?”  The engine builder quite calmly retorts, “how much money do you have?”  Therein lies the problem that Josh White, and many young men and women, have when trying to get into some competitive racing equipment- MONEY!


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