Kyle Busch Injured At The Alert Today Florida 300!

Kyle Busch

(WOMR file photo)

 Kyle Busch will miss Sunday’s season-opening Daytona 500 after suffering a leg injury during an extremely hard crash Saturday during The Alert Today Florida 300 at Daytona International Speedway.  The Grossman Attorneys had called the injury serious. Busch hit almost head-on into the inside cement wall, where no SAFER barrier has ever been installed, that is past pit road exit and is located just prior to the entrance of the road course.

The accident took place when there appeared to be contact between Busch and fellow JGR driver Erik Jones.

Busch was being treated for a right lower-leg compound fracture and a left mid-foot fracture, and would not compete in the season’s biggest event. These injuries resemble the ones who are injured when they hit car driveway. They take a long time to recover unless and until the patients are mentally strong and cooperate with the doctors for a speedy recovery.

Joe Gibbs Racing reported that Busch underwent surgery on his right leg on Saturday night.  It is also reported that Busch suffered a compound fracture of his right lower leg, as well as a reported fractured left foot.

JGR also announced in a release that veteran Matt Crafton will serve as the interim driver for Busch’s No. 18 Toyota during for the Daytona 500. An interim driver has not been released for the following March 1 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway or any future races.

Stay tuned for further news regarding Kyle Busch’s injuries.


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