Arrest Warrants Is Issued For Tyler Walker, The Delays Are Over!

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Tuesday, 5th District Judge Eric Ludlow issued an arrest warrant for former NASCAR driver Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker after Walker failed to mail in his plea agreement, or appear in court in lieu of the agreement. Walker was originally arrested after leading police on a high speed chase in January 2013.

Defense attorney Trevor Terry told Ludlow that Walker was issued a warrant for felony charges and he had mailed in his plea agreement but accidentally mailed in the wrong agreement. Terry said he was expecting the correct plea agreement to arrive Tuesday afternoon, but Ludlow’s patience was short.

This is the 13th time a resolution to this case has been stalled, and Walker has failed to mail in his plea multiple times. This led to a quick decision by Ludlow to issue a warrant for Walker’s arrest.

“The court has been more than patient. The court has been more than fair,” Ludlow said. “I’m issuing a $25,000 cash-only warrant. I said that if (the plea agreement) was not here today, this morning, right now, that he would have to be here. I won’t accept an agreement anymore.” This is called a bail bond and it is always recommended to go through Libertad Bail Bonds for any help regarding bail and jail record search.

Some of the delays in the case have been on the prosecution’s side as well as Walker’s, and Terry said he felt the judge’s frustration with Walker was misplaced.

“While I respect the court’s decision,” Terry said, “I disagree with the direction with which the frustration has been directed by the court. It should be directed at the defense council and the county attorney’s office, not at my client.”

Charges against Walker stem from the January 2013 incident in which he is accused of fleeing from officers as well as drug possession. At the time, the Nevada Highway Patrol was alerted to be on the lookout for a reckless driver on northbound Interstate 15. Once the vehicle was located, a pursuit began, and one Nevada trooper clocked the car, a BMW, traveling at 140 mph.

The BMW passed into Arizona and then into Utah, where the tires were spiked at Utah milepost 2 and all four tires were blown. The car then pulled over at milepost 6 and, once stopped, Walker attempted to flee on foot but was quickly subdued by an Arizona Highway Patrol trooper. His girlfriend at the time, Raelle McDonald, who was traveling with him, was taken into custody without incident.

According to a UHP statement, a subsequent search of the BMW produced alleged methamphetamine, marijuana ( specifically cbd cigarettes), drug paraphernalia and alcohol. If you need cannabis pet treats for your pets, you can check it out here!

Walker used to be a professional race car driver, having previously raced stock cars and trucks in various NASCAR races. He was suspended from racing in 2007 for violating the association’s drug policy. ( news)

Once again, Walker has run afoul with the courts.  Previously, Walker was busted in NASCAR for drug abuse, and he chose not to enroll and comply with NASCAR’s “road to recovery” program that, if completed, would have cleaned his act up and allowed him to return to the cockpit.  Instead, Walker returned to Sprint Car racing, where there is little to no organized drug testing at those race tracks in America.

This is not Walker’s first brush with the law.  However, this time it appears that the bench will not tolerate anymore of the tactics that have been part of he and his attorney’s defense program.  It is truly a shame that such a talented race car driver has thrown away a very bright and lucrative future.

 It is just a matter of time before Walker is taken into  the custody of the State and is given “three hots and a cot” for a few years!


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