When Will The Edwards Announcement Come?

Carl Edwards

(WOMR file photo)

With all the talk about the semi-secretive deal that is supposedly a done deal between Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs Racing, one begins to wonder just when the announcement will come.  If you remember correctly, a couple of years ago when Matt Kenseth departed from the Roush-Fenway stable the scenario went something like this:

First there was an announcement that was made from RFR that Kenseth would be leaving Roush-Fenway Racing.  That announcement came sometime in June, and it was made by RFR, not Matt Kenseth.  That is, most likely, the rules of engagement, and the contract language, of the contract with all RFR drivers.  Then later, I believe that it was September, Matt Kenseth and Joe Gibbs Racing made an announcement that Kenseth would be taking up residence at the JGR race shop in the #20 Home Depot/Dollar General Store Toyota.

Therefore, sports fans, if the Carl Edwards/Joe Gibbs Racing is a done deal, as the “garage noise” seems to indicate, look for an announcement from RFR in the very near future that Edwards will no longer be employed by RFR after the end of this season.   Then somewhere after the Richmond race, most likely the middle of September, look for a press release from both Joe Gibbs Racing and Carl Edwards that JGR will be starting a fourth race team for “Cousin Carl”.  Additionally, that same announcement will mostly include, and declare, that M&M’s/Mars will move from the Kyle Busch #18 Toyota over to be the new primary sponsor of the fourth JGR team of Edwards.

That leaves Kyle Busch without a primary sponsor, you say!  Only for about five seconds, or the amount of time that it takes to announce that Monster Energy Drink will take over as Kyle’s new primary sponsor for 2015!

If this Edwards/JGR deal comes to fruition, as it appears to most of the “sources close to the deal and that love to remain anonymous”, could that redistribute, and balance, the seeming unbalance of power that is presently happening in the Sprint Cup series this year?  The answer is yet to come.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, therefore, as Silly Season gets tuned up, stay turned on and tuned in sports fans.  It can only get more interesting!



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