Kyle Busch Could Pass A Milestone This Weekend!

Kyle Busch

(WOMR file photo)

Kyle Busch is approaching a major milestone in NASCAR that could be attained this weekend in Bristol!  All Busch need to do this Sunday is lead 140 laps, something that he has done four times at Bristol so far in his career, and he would become just the 15th NASCAR driver to ever lead 10,000 laps.

Here are some of his NASCAR accomplishments in his short career in NASCAR:

1.  Ol Kylie has 36 wins and 91 top ten finishes in the Camping World Truck Series.

2.  He has 64 wins and 188 top ten finishes in the Nationwide Series.

3.  Busch has 28 wins and 164 to ten finishes in the Sprint Cup Series.

4.  KB is the only NASCAR driver to win in all three touring series, Camping World Trucks, Nationwide and Sprint Cup in one weekend, that came at Bristol in 2010.

5.  Busch was the youngest driver to win a Sprint Cup race at the age of 19 years, 317 days.

6.  He also was the first to win a Sprint Cup race in a  Toyota, at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Love him or hate him, and both of those emotions run very high regarding KyBu, these accomplishments by Kyle Thomas Busch at the tender age of 28, he will turn 29 on May 2nd, is quite phenomenal!  At this stage of his career he is quite possibly the best driver in NASCAR that has not won a championship, now that Mark Martin is retired.


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