Formula 1’s Bernie Ecclestone “Poo-Poos” Haas And His F1 Ambitions



Ryan Newman

(WOMR file photo)

Formula One (F1) boss, Bernie Ecclestone, does not think multi-millionaire NASCAR team owner Gene Haas can afford to enter Formula One in 2015.  A published report by the Sporting News on Jan. 16 estimated that Haas’s net worth was $740 million in 2011.

The business partner in NASCAR’s Stewart-Haas Racing operation announced recently that he has responded to the FIA’s ‘call for expressions of interest’ in filling the vacant slot in pit lane. In addition to his NASCAR operation, Haas heads one of the best wind tunnels in the world, and according to the German media outlet Auto Motor und Sport, he would start in F1 with a healthy three-digit million budget.

But F1 chief executive Ecclestone told Racer he thinks it “most unlikely” Haas will enter F1, because of the sport’s huge costs. “They (Haas) have been talking about it for three years,” F1 business journalist Caroline Reid quoted Ecclestone as saying. “Somebody can have $10 billion in the bank, but it doesn’t mean they are going to spend it.”

This statement from Bernie Eccleston, and his F1 office, seems to cast doubt and, possibly redicule, upon Gene Haas, and his ability to form a viable Formula One race team to compete.




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