Kurt Gets His Number!

Kurt Busch

(WOMR file photo)

Could this be a coincidence?

No, maybe it is a subliminal message?

Could it be to mimic to the operations of Tony Stewart’s “idol”, A. J. Foyt, and his IndyCar team?

Or perhaps just a number that was available to Stewart-Haas Racing?

Whatever this case may be, sources confirmed to The Charlotte Observer on Monday night that Kurt Busch will drive the SHR #41 Chevy next season, not the #00 as was speculated by many pundits when the announcement from Gene Haas was publicized several weeks ago.

Busch’s number turns out to be the total opposite of that of team co-owner Tony Stewart, who drives the #14.  It appears on the outside to be a deliberate move, given the fact there was some internal turmoil between Gene Haas, the big money man, the real owner of the whole SHR organization, and the “titular” leader, Tony Stewart.

All that SHR dissension unfolded publicly after the word had gotten out that Gene Haas had offered, and signed, Kurt Busch to a contract while Stewart was in the hospital, recovering from two surgeries.  Those injuries were  a compound fracture of his Tibia and Fibia, following his “extra curricular activities” of sprint car racing at Oscaloosa, IA.

As the story goes, Gene Haas solely made the decision to hire Kurt Busch to drive a new fourth car for that organization.  Additionally, it was reported that Stewart was totally opposed to that decision.  Further, it was disclosed through a press conference by Gene Haas that, to cut to the chase, Stewart was told that it was Haas’s organization, and that if he didn’t agree with Haas’s decision to hire Kurt Busch that he knew where the door was!

With those instructions given by Haas, Stewart picked up the Fender Stratocaster guitar, and began playing a righteously mean rhythm guitar in the Gene Haas Band!

Not to slight the other two drivers from the SHR next season, Kevin Harvick will be piloting the Budweiser #4 and Danica Patrick will be riding around in the GoDaddy.com #10.

I just can’t wait to see how all those egos will co-exist within the Stewart-Haas Racing organization! This could be a recipe for a nuclear holocaust!

Note to me: Go down to the Army surplus store and purchase some hazmat clothing!


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