NASCAR To Revamp Officiating Process

Brad Keselowski

(WOMR file photo)

During a press conference on Monday, NASCAR officials announced their future plans concerning the topics of crime and punishment. The upgraded methods in those areas will incorporate increased use of “emerging” technology and are, the officials said, aimed at “making the racing better” for teams and fans.

Attending the press conference/teleconference, which was held at the NASCAR Research and Development facility in Concord, N.C., were Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR Senior Vice President, Racing Operations; Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President, Competition; Gene Stefanyshyn, NASCAR Vice President, Innovation and Racing Development.

“I think the vision for us as you look at the future is we want to position NASCAR ultimately for the future,” O’Donnell said. “The goal for us would be that as cars come off the manufacturing line in the near future, they certainly look like NASCAR from an esthetic standpoint when you look at those on track, but just as importantly the technology that’s in those cars mirrors what’s on track, as well, and we really become that proving ground from a technology standpoint.

“We want to be more nimble in what we do from a technology standpoint, be able to quickly react to the emerging technologies that are out there. And finally I think, and just as importantly, we want to be a proving ground. When you look at NASCAR we feel like no better sport is better positioned to really take technology, showcase it in front of some of the toughest conditions that exist in the world, and we think we’re poised to do that.

“These initiatives will be outlined and in place by the start of the 2015 season. Some of them you’ll see as early as 2014, but the majority you’ll see prior to the 2015 season.”

A press release accompanying the press conference said NASCAR has developed blueprints for 11 initiatives within the four key areas.

They are:


Move rule-making from Officiating to R&D / Innovation.

Enhance effectiveness of appeals process by redefining process and appeals board member criteria.


Simplify rulebook and increase objectivity by replacing written rules with CAD designs.

Enhance parts approval by formalizing submission and approval process.

Increase consistency of rule interpretation across National Series.

Penalty / Deterrence

Strengthen deterrence model to reduce inspection required to ensure competitive racing

Officiating / Inspection

Increase use of technology on pit road.

Maintain rigor of inspection while creating greater efficiency in the entire process.

Improve efficiency of process by creating race team inspection scheduling system.

Enhance effectiveness of inspection through data collection and trend analysis.

Create unified inspecting and officiating model across National Series.

All these impending changes, one would hope, will make for a better, and a more equal application, of all the rules associated with all three series, Camping World Trucks, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup.


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