Shane Clanton Grabs The Victory on Winter Extreme Day #6


(WOMR file photo)

As the 2013 Winter Extreme staged its sixth and final day of racing, there had not been a repeat winner.  That phenomena had not happened in several years at this annual event.

As the green flag dropped on the Late Model feature, “Mr. Smooth”, Billy Moyer, Sr. drove it deep into turn one assuming the lead immediately.  Moyer dominated the first 2/3 of the race slicing through the lapped field like a warm knife through butter!

Somewhere around lap lap 30 Shane Clanton, the Locust Grove, GA, driver of the #25 Kennedy Motorsports Late Model reeled in Moyer.  Within a couple of laps Clanton had grabbed the lead away from the perennial winner, and the winner of the most races at this facility in January, Billy Moyer, Sr.

With Clanton’s victory, it was six different winers in the six different nights of racing at The Winter Extreme!  It had been several years since this event had no repeat winners during the event!

In the Modified feature it was all Jason Krohn!

Krohn won back-to-back features-Saturday night and Sunday night. He was just too strong for the rest of the field to even pose a threat throughout the 30 lap race.

Check out the final results for both divisions for Sunday evening.



Late Models (Sun., Jan. 20th)
POS Car # Name
1 25 Shane Clanton
2 14m Morgan Bagley
3 11 Pat Doar
4 21 Billy Moyer
5 19 Tim Fuller
6 2 John Anderson
7 24az RC Whitwell
8 75 Terry Phillips
9 10n Rob Sanders
10 90 Lance Mathees
11 18 Chase Junghans
12 21jr Billy Moyer Jr
13 86 Kyle Beard
14 42S Don Shaw
15 27 Nick Bartels
16 8 John Lowrey
17 15k Justin Kay
18 77 Jordan Yaggy
19 28 Jimmy Mars
20 32 Chris Simpson
21 32b Clay Daly
22 91p Jason Papich
23 1v Will Vaught
24 23 Brad Williams
25 10 Mike Balcaen



Modifieds (Sun., Jan. 20th)
POS Car # Name
1 7k Jason Krohn
2 20 Rodney Sanders
3 6p Travis Peery
4 2j Blake Jegtvik
5 98a Alex Stanford
6 51 Joey Moriarty
7 21 Aaron Turnbull
8 G17 Fito Gallardo
9 10w Ward Imrie
10 131 Royal Jones
11 9 Jimmy Ray
12 44 Christry Georges
13 42 Rich Mann
14 555 Chad Falco
15 10s Rick Spencer
16 10eh Ed Turnbull
17 1x Cody Erickson
18 91 Matt Crafton
19 160 Micharl Maggard
20 12a Adam Crippen
21 111x Logan Drake
22 0 Jake O’Neil
23 91b Dev Malmlov
24 19b Jake Bitker
25 597 Ron Schriener



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