Winter Extreme Night #3 At Tucson


(WOMR file photo)

On the third night of the Winter Extreme at Tucson International Raceway, the track was heavy, damp, very tacky, and very fast!

The feature race was Jimmy Mars to loose.

From the drop of the green flag Mars took the lead.  As the laps added up Jimmy Mars, in his #28 late model, stretched out his lead over Shane Clanton and Terry Phillips.  However, around lap 20 Mars got slowed by back maker, Nick Bartels.  For more that five laps Mars was unable to pass Bartels.

During that same time period, Will Vaught caught fire, moved passed both Clanton and Phillips, enabling him to move into second place. Simultaneously, Vaught closed the gap on the leader, Mars.

With just two laps to go in the race, Vaught was able to get by Mars with a bold bonsai move in turn #4.  All the while Bartels’ slower car was used as a pick by Vaught.  It was Vaught’s first win at the Winter Extreme in 2013.  As I said earlier, it was Jimmy Mars’ race to loose, and he did loose it!

In the modified feature it was Rodney Sanders scoring his third victory in the first three races! For the third straight night, Sanders ran off and hid from the rest of the field!  It just seems like Sanders has the rest of the modifieds completely covered for the first three races!


Late Models (Wed., Jan. 16th)
POS Car # Name
1 1v Will Vaught
2 28 Jimmy Mars
3 25 Shane Clanton
4 75 Terry Phillips
5 15k Justin Kay
6 21 Billy Moyer
7 32b Clay Daly
8 19 Tim Fuller
9 9t Tim Isenberg
10 51 Joey Moriarty
11 91p Jason Papich
12 27 Nick Bartels
13 2 John Anderson
14 21jr Billy Moyer Jr.
15 71d Ron Davies
16 86 Kyle Beard
17 2t Trevor Glaser
18 42s Don Shaw
19 24az R.C. Whitwell
20 32 Chris Simpson
21 75m Jesse Stovall
22 8 John Lowrey
23 14m Morgan Bagley
24 19j Bumper Jones
Modifieds (Wed., Jan. 16th)
POS Car # Name
1 20 Rodney Sanders
2 160 Michael Maggard
3 51 Joey Moriarty
4 21 Aaron Tunbull
5 0 Jake O’Neil
6 98a Alex Stanford
7 2j Blake Jegtvig
8 6p Travis Peery
9 42 Rich Mann
10 2 Rusty Kollman
11 23h Terry Haven
12 111x Logan Drake
13 1x Cody Erickson
14 23j Greg Jelvik
15 5 Steve Carteer
16 91b Dev Malmlov
17 96 Cory Daugherty
18 23 Matt Gilbertson
19 19b Jake Bitker
20 20x Darian Boyce
21 10w Ward Imrie
22 3 Jason Breese



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