The Third Annual Turkey Classic At Cocopah Speedway


(WOMR file photo)

Thanksgiving weekend saw the third annual Cocopah Speedway Turkey Classic Late Model races in Yuma, AZ.  This year there were cars from as far away as Medford, OR, Tucson, AZ, the Phoenix area, as well as, San Diego.  For the first night, Friday, there were 32 Late Models on the program, and 36 Late Models for the finale on Saturday night.

This year the format was changed to add some zest into the event. There were two sets of heat races for the late models.  The first round of heat races were slated with the fastest qualifier on the pole for each of the  heat races.  In the second round, those same participants in each of the heat race were inverted, the fastest qualifiers to the back of the pack, and raced again.  Then all the points for each of the race,s and points for qualifying position, were added up to determine your starting spot in the A Main.

The Friday night 25 lap feature event was very exciting with Brett Simala, Yuma, AZ, Dana Boatwright Tucson, AZ, Brian Johnson, Central Point, OR, Daniel Sticker, Tucson, AZ, and the eventual winner Gary Dutton, Bakersfield, CA, dueling wheel-to-wheel during the last 10 laps.  Dutton was the master of the “high and not afraid to die” line of racing, making all of his moves right up against the fence, including the winning pass!

Check out the Friday night results of both the Late Model action, as well as the Factory Stock division.

Saturday night was even more exciting at Cocopah Speedway!

Three of Friday nights top five finishers were in the hunt for the big money, $3,000.00 to win the 35 lap A Main Saturday.  The second night’s A Main leading characters fighting for a little “gold on the ceiling” were, Daniel Stricker, Tucson, AZ, Chris Smith, Brian Johnson, Central Point, OR, Mike Corning, San Diego, Ca, and with his broom in hand to sweep the event, Gary Dutton, Bakersfield, CA.

Once again, Dutton drove right up to the fence, mastering the high line on Saturday night!  He raced where no driver ventured throughout the 35 laps!

Check out the results from the Saturday night event.

For those of you in Southwestern Arizona, a trip to Yuma Arizona for a night at the Cocopah Speedway is well worth your time.  The priced is right, and the racing is fantastic!


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