Gold Cup Day 3: Sean Becker Holds ‘Em Off


(WOMR file photo)

Oh, hey, stop me if you have heard this one before.

Kyle Larson thoroughly dominates the field for the first 20 laps, however, he fails to win the race! Well, for the second night in a row, Kyle Larson showed complete and udder dominance, holding off Sean Becker twenty laps of the thirty lap feature. Almost a perfect rerun of his Thursday night performance. Can we say de ja vu?

However on the restart on lap 20, it was noticed that Larson’s right rear tire was losing air pressure, not a great sign for this young gun. Rather than come into the work area, replace the tire, lose all his track position and the lead, he stayed out on the track, After all, Larson had nothing to lose! Larson is not running for points in the World of Outlaws season, therefore, he had to gamble that the tire would stay up for just ten more laps, and could salvage a decent finish, thereby, allowing for a reasonable starting position for Friday night’s BIG MONEY feature event.

The gamble failed!

On the lap 20 restart, Larson held off Sean Becker for only one lap. Becker got by Larson because the tire was loosing air pressure, and became increasingly to drive into the corners and out of the corners. Eventually, both Tim Keading, Sammy Swidell, and Donny Schatz slipped by Larson before the right rear tire exploded, thereby bringing out another yellow flag condition.

The winner for the Thursday night feature was one of “the local Chico boys”, Sean Becker, In hot pursuit of Becker was Campbell’s resident hot shoe, Tim Keading, followed by Thursday nights winter and six-time Knoxville Nationals champ, Donny Schatz.

So now the points are set for the final installment of The Gold Cup Race of Champions. It will be very interesting to see if the young gun from Elk Grove, CA change his luck, get the mechanical monkey off his back, and complete the domination act that he has so thoroughly exhibited for the first 2/3 of both Thursday and Friday night’s A Main!

There is no shortage of talent, and there is no shortage of race car for the Kyle Larson. Now he must hope that “Lady Luck” will shine down on his team, so that he can collect his “Gold On The Ceiling”!



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