Allmendinger And His Spin Doctors

(photo courtesy Christa L. Thomas)

Well, we now know that “The Dinger” has revealed that he tested positive for Adderall! That drug is prescribed for people with ADHA, attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

He does not have ADHD and therefore had no prescription. “The Dinger” explained that he had been out in Louisville, KY, the Wednesday before the Quaker State 400 race at Kentucky Speedway, and was tired. A friend, Allmendinger said, handed him a pill and stated it was a workout supplement that would give him energy.

Allmendinger ingested the pill. Two days later he was randomly-tested at the racetrack, a test he would ultimately fail.


He said neither NASCAR nor its drug testing team from Nashville-based Aegis Labs would inform him of the specific substance in question until after the B Sample was tested July 24, only that he had tested positive for amphetamine.

It was not until he was informed it was Adderall that he traced it back to that night in Kentucky. He said he does not abuse Adderall, rather that he took it just once.

Allmendinger is currently going through NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program, which he said he hopes to complete by the end of August. He said his case is being treated more as a stress-coping methodology than a drug rehabilitation.

Okay, now we know exactly what substance that Allmendinger tested positive for in that, ill-fated, drug test.  However, what we are getting from “The Dinger’s” PR camp, and from A.J., as well, is SPIN, pure and simple!

Now does his PR camp really think that A.J. took a pill that “a friend” gave him to combat fatigue?  Does those same PR people really think that we will buy that it was a one time thing? Also, that it just so happened that this “one time ingestion” of this pill just coincidentally happened before the random test?


These drivers make upwards of 1million plus dollars a year!  These same drivers also know that NASCAR has a random drug test policy in effect.  These same drivers know that, if busted, using anything that is on the NASCAR banned list, will result in an indefinite suspension from NASCAR, termination and loss of your huge paycheck, additionally, a good dose of public humiliation will follow!


Reading all this SPIN from A.J. Allmendinger’s PR camp, Walldinger Inc., reminds me of the lame excuses that kids give to their teachers. Let me see, oh, my dog ate my homework assignment.  UMMM, my brother got my completed assignment, and or I, dropped it in a mud puddle.  Oh yeah,yeah, I turned my assignment in—you (the teacher) must have lost it!


Why is it so hard for people to step up to the plate and admit that they have done something that they shouldn’t have done?  Is it so hard to admit guilt?

If I remember correctly, two weeks ago A.J. put out that he was going to test his motorhome, and all its furnishings to see if that would have caused a positive drug test.  He was professing his innocence at this time.  Now he suddenly remembers taking a pill given to him by his friend (this is assigning blame to the friend) just a couple of days prior to the drug test.



Fortunately for “The Dinger”, Mike Shank Racing, the team that A.J. drive for in winning the 2013 Daytona 24 Hour Rolex race in February, has stated that as soon as A.J. finishes NASCAR’s Road to Recovery, he would put him right into his race cars.  A.J. may have some opportunities left in IndyCar, however, it appears that his NASCAR future is very much in question!

This has been like a cheesey daytime soap opera!


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