Contenders Or Pretenders?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr

(WOMR file photo)

This weekend the Sprint Cup drivers roll into Pocono Raceway.  This facility is the most unusual racing surface on the circuit.  There are three distinctive turns with three distinctive straight-aways.  Therein, the nickname of “The Tricky Triangle”!

This race track was designed by the 1959 and 1962 Indy 500 winner, Roger Ward.  The founding owners, Drs. Joe and Rose Matiolli, commissioned Ward to come up with a very unique race track.

Time is running out for making the Chase

With just six races left in “the regular season”, it is time for the race teams to “let the big dog eat”!

The way that the top 10 are setting up, and the fact that there a few of the big name drivers that are outside of that top ten, there are going to be a few of “the big boys” that will watch the Chase from their front windshield!

The top ten in the standings looks very solid, therefore, it is very doubtful that any of those race teams will fall out of the top ten.  Kyle Busch is in 11th place with one victory, however, he is 55 points behind the tenth place driver of Clint Bowyer.  Therefore, if Busch makes it into the Chase, it will be via the wild card position.

As it stands, with just six race left before the Chase begins, Kasey Kahne leads the wild card race with two race wins.  The other wild card entry would now go to Kyle Busch, however, Kyle has only one race win this season.  There are two other drivers with one victory each, Ryan Newman and Joey Logano, but they are lower in the Sprint Cup standings.

Check out the Sprint Cup standings after the Brickyard 400.

As I say at this time of the season, “it is time to let the big dog eat”!  Or another way of putting it is, “if you got something for ’em, it is time to go”!


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