How Long Will The Hangover Last?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr

(WOMR file photo)

That burning question that has been asked each and every Sunday for four years and one day, “when will Dale Jr. win a race?”, was finally answered Sunday.  Not only did Dale Earnhardt, Jr. win a race, but he won a race in a dominating fashion, at the very same venue that marked his first win for HMS in 2008, Michigan Ingternational Speedway.  That victory, too, was on Father’s Day, 2008, a coincidence???

For those of us in JUNIOR NATION the celebration may last for weeks!

The victory at the Quicken Loans 400 yesterday was no fluke for the HMS #88 Diet Mtn Dew crew.  For those that may not have taken notice of the performance of this team, Junior and crew chief, Steve Letarte, have quietly been performing at a championship level for most of the last 15 races.

This team has logged the most top ten finishes of any of the other race teams, ringing up 12 top ten finishes in the first 15 races!  More specifically, that team has logged 8 top 5 finishes.  That percentage means that slightly more than half of all their finishes has found them ending the race among the top 5!  Those two facts alone proves my contention, that the team led by Steve Letarte and Dale Jr. has been the most consistent Sprint Cup race team in 2012.

My huge dilemma

As I woke up this morning I was in a huge dilemma, which Dale Jr. shirt to wear today?  Do I wear my National Guard shirt?  Maybe I should wear my Amp shirt.  No, no I will wear my Diet Mtn Dew shirt, after all that is his current primary sponsor!  Wow, this decision is going to be very tough to make today!  Oh, oh, I know, I will just wear a different Dale Jr. shirt each day this week to continue the support for, and celebration of, my favorite driver, Dale Jr. ending a four-year and one day win drought!

This Dale Jr. celebration kind of reminds me of my younger days.  Back then I would imbibe in the hops and barley, the fruit of the grape, and other liquid beverages, etc., it is a very euphoric feeling!  However, this celebration does not have a painful residual hangover!!  Conversely, this hangover is rather pleasant to participate in now!  Instead of looking for my friends Bert and Ernie, or looking for my car, a Buick, or worshipping the porcelain bowl, all I have to do now is to decide which of my collection of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. T-shirts, that are lined up in my closet, to wear, and in what order!

Now that I think of it, finding the right Dale Jr. shirt to wear each day may pose its own set of problems for me!

Oh the dilemma that I am in!



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