More On Kurt’s “Day Off” From Racing

Kurt Busch

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It may sound like I am picking on poor ol Kurt Busch, but I really am not.  However, his attitude, demeanor, and his total lack of respect for anyone is perfect material for a journalist!  Kurt just keep putting himself into the absolute center of the eye of the hurricane, ie, controversy!  It appears to me that Kurt just can not, or will not learn from his prior mistakes!

Now Kurt Busch’s owner, James Finch, has spoken about Kurt’s incident at Dover with Sporting News’ reporter, Bob Pockrass.

Finch told that he would meet with Busch over the next couple of days to discuss whether they would keep the handshake agreement they made before the season. He didn’t sound like a man who was convinced the arrangement could or would work.

A profound thought

“If he’s going to kill himself, I’m not going to be in the airplane with him,” Finch said by phone. “If that’s what he’s planning on doing, I am going to get out.” Finch made it clear after Busch was released by Penske Racing following a profanity-laced tirade against ESPN’s Dr. Jerry Punch at Homestead-Miami Speedway last November that if Busch embarrassed him like he did Roger Penske “he would have gotten his ass beat on pit road. He needs to simmer down a while,” Finch told in December.  “There are a lot of people that don’t like Kurt. He’s never done anything to me personally. He just needs to look in the mirror and see what the problem is.”

Now Busch has done something to Finch personally, even though the incident came while Busch was driving a Kyle Busch Motorsports Nationwide car for his little brother. Kurt has put the whole Phoenix Racing team in a bind to find a driver for this Sunday’s race at Pocono, because he was verbally abusive, once again, to the news media.  Finch made it clear there are several qualified drivers to take over Phoenix Racing’s #51 Chevy.

Sounds to me like James Finch is contemplating a driver change!

At this point in Kurt’s volatile career, I would think that he is a very hard sell to corporate America.  Let’s face it, he is not the exact image most corporations want as their company spokesman!

Kurt, you might want to practice some customer service lines that might help you with your next job.  Something like, “can I super size those fries for you sir”?


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