Kurt Gets The Weekend Off!

Kurt Busch

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I guess Kurt Busch must be feeling exhausted today.  I mean running your mouth off over the last three weeks most likely is a very big drain on your bodily functions!

With that in mind, NASCAR must have felt sorry for ol Kurt, as well.   This afternoon they decided to give Mr. Busch a much deserved rest break.  After reviewing the video of Kurt threatening to “knock the #$*! out of Sporting News reporter, Bob Pockrass, Saturday afternoon following the Nationwide race, action was taken against ol KuBu.  NASCAR has decided that Kurt needs to take this next weekend off from the rigors of driving  the Phoenix Racing car at Pocono and threatening reporters.

Mr. Busch will not be allowed to make the journey with his race team to Pocono.  Instead, he will receive an unpaid vacation in the confines of his own home.  Additionally, NASCAR has extended his probationary period, which was to end May 15th, to stay in effect until December 31, 2012, that coincides with the end of the race season.

Kurt Busch violated Section 12-1 (Actions detrimental to stock car racing; violation of probation; verbal abuse to a media member) of the 2012 NASCAR Rule Book.  I believe that is the very same rule that he was in violation of following his profanity laced tirade against ESPN pit reporter, Dr. Jerry Punch, at Homestead.

Ol KuBu must be an extraordinarily slow learner.  After the Homested incident he should have learned the he really shouldn’t attack the NASCAR media with threats and vulgarity!  If not a slow learner, then he must enjoy donating money out of his own pocket to NASCAR’s “bad b0y fund”!  If neither of the previous statements are correct, then he is just a self-centered, arrogant, foul-mouthed, moron that is about to talk himself out of a job, and into the unemployment lines!

C’mon man!

Just because you are a very talented race car driver, it does not give you the right to have your profanity laced verbal meltdowns, unload on the media, accuse them of asking stupid questions, etc., and not be subject to the same rules and regulations about civility that govern all the NASCAR competitors.

Kurt, ya pay your dime and ya takes your chances!

If you continue to call out reporters, drivers, and just about every other person involved in the sport, you better be prepared to take another right hook to the old nose soon.  Have you forgotten about the guy they call Mr. Excitement, Jimmy Spencer?

As I have previously stated in my post titled, “Interviewing for a new job?”, Kurt is about to find out that if he doesn’t get a grip on his anger and arrogance, he will find himself at home, sitting on his couch, and watching NASCAR on FOX, TNT, and ABC/ESPN soon!

What are your thoughts about NASCAR suspending Kurt Busch for this weekend’s race?



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