Does Phoenix Racing Have Financing To Make All The Races?


Kurt Busch

(WOMR file photo)

This week there is rumblings in the garage area that quite possibly James Finch, and his Phoenix Racing team, may not have enough dollars to compete in all the races in 2012.  Finch has been known to be very frugal with “his” dollars regarding the race team.  After all, it is reported that Finch is paying Kurt Busch, “the racing radio sweetheart”, approximately $3 million dollars to drive his race car this year.  That is a far cry from the salary that Finch paid Landon Cassill for his services in 2011!  Busch’s salary is rumored to be about six times what Finch paid Cassill for 2011!

As you can see from my Las Vegas Motor Speedway photo there is no sponsor on the race car, Phoenix Racing has been hard pressed to find sponsorship for each race this year.  Finch has secured sponsorship from for the Daytona 500 and the Phoenix race, nevertheless, for the rest of the races Finch and Kurt Busch have been sponsor-less!  FYI, the Hendrick sponsor comes from the fact that Phoenix Racing and Hendrick Motorsports have an alliance.  Hendrick Motorsports is where Finch/Phoenix Racing secures its chassis and race engines, therein, the sponsorship.

When will the leaves fall off the Busch?

It will be very interesting to see if James Finch can get some sponsors on his cars shortly.  What will also be interesting is to see how long that the Kurt Busch/James Finch handshake agreement holds up.  On the race radios the frustration of not even coming close to contending for wins is evident in Kurt’s voice.  Can the “opinionated, often very critically harsh” Kurt Busch harness his mouth and his emotions, or  better yet, redirect his negativity into some kind a positive outlook?  Time will tell!

I really like what James Finch said, and was quoted about the hiring of Kurt Busch as his driver earlier this year:

“We don’t have a contract, just a handshake.  Kurt won’t quite, and I won’t fire him.  If we have a problem, we can just fight”!

Is there the possibility that before the year’s end there might be a Busch/Finch  boxing match?  We know that the Busch brothers are very vocal, rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, therefore, it is only a matter of time before the leaves start to fall of the Busch!  I am just sayin’…………………..

It may or may not coincide with Fall this year!

What are your views of the James Finch/Kurt Busch NASCAR marriage?


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