Sadler Wins The Ford EcoBoost 300

Elliott Sadler

(WOMR file photo)

The first short track race of the 2012 Nationwide Series has culminated with the second win of this season for the RCR #2 One Main Financial Chevy driven by Elliott Sadler.  Sadler took the lead by not pitting when a caution came out with 40 laps to go in the race. He is now the first multi-race winner of the 2012 season!  This is the first time since 1995 that the first four races have been won by non-Sprint Cup/Nationwide only drivers!

Sadler wasn’t sure about the decisive call in Saturday’s Ford EcoBoost 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway, that is until crew chief Luke Lambert gave him a history lesson.

Lambert’s astute call to keep Sadler on the race track under the final caution gave Elliott Sadler the boost he needed to win his second Nationwide Series race of the season, two weeks after he broke a 14-year drought in the series at Phoenix.

“He reminded me that I won a race here in 2001 by doing the same thing,” said Sadler, who celebrated with his parents in Victory Lane, a special moment, because Sadler’s parents never before had been on hand for one of his NASCAR victories. “Luke made a great call to stay out.”

Though he was a high school senior at the time, Lambert, 28, remembers that 2001 race, because he watched it from the grandstands with his father.

“I was here, and I watched it, but I was definitely a spectator,” Lambert said. “I do study all the history of our driver and what track we’re going to and everything else — but I was here for that one. And I was pretty young.”

It would appear that the change of ownership of Sadler’s equipment, Kevin Harvick, Inc. sold out to Richard Childress Racing, has struck a chord within this team.  Their performance so far in 2012 has set the benchmark, winning two times in just four races.

As far as the bruised egos, the crumpled sheet metal, and lost tempers that is normally associated with racing at Bristol Motor Speedway, there wasn’t much evidence of that today in the Nationwide race.  With the newer progressive banking of the race track there is not as much of the “bump and run”, the punt, or the beatin’ and bangin’ normally associated with Bristol.  It was a much tamer Bristol today!

Check out the unofficial results of the Ford EcoBoost 300.


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