Check Your Feelings At The Pit Gate

Greg Biffle

(WOMR file photo)

This week NASCAR rolls into the Bristol Motor Speedway, the Colosseum of Crash, the concrete mixing bowl, Thunder Valley, or whatever you choose to assign as a moniker for this high-banked, fast paced short track.

This racing facility is the seventh largest seating venue in the entire world, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the largest!  But with that stat comes the fact that this track bruises egos, as well as agitates personalities.  Additionally, this facility turns a beautifully manicured, blazingly fast, $200,000 race car , sometimes, into a crumpled pile of rubble that can’t even be driven onto the hauler.

BMS is also noted for agitating the drivers, as well as some of the crewmembers, facilitating their temper losses, bending and gnarling up the sheet metal.  The overall results of a Sunday afternoon at Bristol Motor Speedway is that the drivers come away with a huge case of heartburn, anxiety, and/or a very large case of a chapped buttocks!  You most likely will see a few drivers lose their tempers, beat and bang on other race cars, maybe even lose their patience, and quite possibly stick another car into the wall!  In fact, a big tube of Beaudreaux’s Butt Paste can not even begin to ease the driver’s pains and problems after a race at Bristol!

So for all you fans that like to see some beatin’ and some banging’, this Sunday is the race that you must see.  Even the normally “nice guys” of NASCAR will show signs of frustration and loss of tempers, and let a few of the forbidden words fly after the race!

Leading the Sprint Cup drivers to the green flag this Sunday is Greg Biffle.  Along side “The Bif” in the front row is “The Dinger”, A.J. Allmendinger driving his new ride, the Penske Racing Shell/Pennzoil #22 Dodge.

Check out the starting line up for the Food City 500 from the Bristol Motor Speedway.


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