2013 Sprint Cup Ford Fusion Revealed

(photo courtesy Ford Racing)

Ford Racing has revealed the brand new Ford Fusion for the 2013 Sprint Cup season at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, during the NASCAR Media Tour.  The 2013 Fusion features a completely new redesign that actually mirrors the 2013 Ford Fusion production car that is for the public to purchase.  With this redesign, Ford is returning brand identity to the race track!

The 2013 Ford Fusion NASCAR Sprint Cup race car unveiled today as part of the NASCAR Media Tour was conceived by the Ford engineers in an effort to bring back brand identity to the race track.  As you can see, Ford has done an outstanding job mirroring the 2013 production model of the 2013 Ford Fusion and mating it to the 21013 Sprint Cup specifications!

It would appear that, in 2013, the race fans will be able to differentiate visually between a Ford , a Chevy, and a Toyota by sight, something that has been desperately lacking in the last few years.  This may the first step in returning to the glory days of NASCAR.  Prior to NASCAR mandating the common templates of the CoT, there were visual differences in race cars that were brand associated.  Back then the slogan was, win on Sunday, sell on Monday!

Maybe NASCAR is returning to its roots!

What are your views on the return to brand identity for NASCAR?


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