Phoenix Racing Announces Nationwide Schedule

Kurt Busch's new Sprint Cup ride

(WOMR file photo)

Phoenix Racing announced Monday that, in addition to running the complete NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule with Kurt Busch, they will field the #1 Chevrolet in a limited amount of NASCAR Nationwide Series races.  The first of the those Nationwide races will begin with the NNS race at Daytona in February.  Phoenix Racing is planning to run all the major NNS races, and are actively seeking sponsorship to that end.

“Everyone at Phoenix Racing is excited about competing on the Nationwide circuit this year,” said Steve Barkdoll, General Manager of Phoenix Racing. “Our Nationwide Series team is a proven, winning organization and we’re looking forward to Busch continuing the tradition. This is a great opportunity for a company to partner with a top-notch program.”

With this latest announcement, it is now known that KuBu will be in the driver’s seat of Phoenix Racing’s Sprint Cup car, as well as in the Nationwide Series car with James Finch, as well.   Therefore, the rumor of KuBu driving a Kyle Busch Motorsports Nationwide car is now moot.

It will be very interesting to see how long this new driver/owner relationship will endure!  Can KuBu control his radio tirades?  Will KuBu be able to keep his razor-sharp tongue zipped this year?  Hmmmmmmmm…….



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