RPM Courting Kurt Busch?

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(WOMR file photo)

The latest rumors out of Charlotte is that Richard Petty Motorsports is in discussions with Kurt Busch to drive the flagship car for RPM, the #43 Best Buy Ford.

RPM currently fields cars for AJ Allmendinger and Marcos Ambrose. On Tuesday, the Sirius Speedway radio show reported that RPM was considering Busch for the #43 Ford currently driven by Allmendinger.

RPM co-owner, Andy Murstein, considers Busch “a great talent” and believes the former Penske Racing driver “will find a home sooner, (rather) than later.”

“Kurt’s issues are far less severe than what other athletes have done in other sports,” Murstein told FOXSports.com Tuesday. “Those athletes have all received second chances and Kurt will too. He wasn’t caught running a dog-fighting ring, he wasn’t caught with a handgun in a club, he wasn’t using performance-enhancing drugs, and unlike his brother he wasn’t even letting his temper get the best of him to cause a wreck.

Obviously, Andy Murstein seems willing to take a huge chance on, the loose cannon that Kurt Busch has become.  It would also seem that the sponsor for the #43 Ford, Best Buy, is also willing to take a chance on the sharp tongue that has become the trademark of the brother’s Busch, in particular Kurt.

However, Murstein did not specifically address a possible move by Kurt Busch to RPM, and likewise RPM is still trying to get Best Buy signed for the 2012 season.  Nevertheless, the signals seem to point towards the possible joining of Kurt Busch and RPM for the 2012 race season.

Now what will happen to A.J. Almendinger, the present driver of the RPM #43 Best Buy Ford, if RPM moves forward with their attempt to secure the services of Kurt Busch for their #43 Best Buy Ford?  Will they, RPM, outright release the Dinger?  Will RPM try to secure sponsorship for  a third team?  The questions abound!

Just when it was widely thought that Kurt Busch had shot himself in the foot, loosing his ride at Penske Racing, there appears to be actually a couple of race teams left, in the Sprint Cup garage, that might offer Kurt Busch a job driving their race car for 2012!

Everyone deserves a second chance, however, by my calculations this would be Kurt’s third chance.  First was his initial opportunity with Roush-Fenway Racing, which he let his mouth runaway with his opinions about Sheriff Arpaio at Phoenix.  Then Roger Penske rescued Busch’s racing career and tried to cultivate a more urbane Kurt Busch, an obvious failure!

Will wonders never cease to amaze me?


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