NASCAR Gets Into Kurt’s Checkbook!


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Is it truly better to give than to receive?

Well folks, Kurt Busch feel very good about himself!  You see ol Kurt “donated” a check for $50,000.00 this week! You might think to yourself , what a philanthropic person ol Kurtie Busch is these days!  As ESPN’s Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend”!

As the story unfolds, Kurt wasn’t willfully feeling the Christmas cheer this week!  No, quite to the contrary.  This $50,000.00 check Kurt wrote might be somewhat painful.  The $50,000.00 is a fine levied by NASCAR, and came as the results of his foul, abusive, and profanity-laced tirade (mouth cancer) while waiting for ESPN’s Dr. Jerry Punch to interview him in the garage area during the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway last weekend.

NASCAR determined that ol KuBu, who drives the Penske Racing #22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge, violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing – inappropriate hand gesture; abusive language) of the 2011 NASCAR Rule Book.

Quite to KuBu’s dismay, amateur video and audio, a clip of which has made the rounds on YouTube, shows Busch repeatedly cursing Punch.

Check out  the video and you will see that KuBu was BUSTED!


What is with the brothers Busch?  It would appear that both are afflicted with that contagious disease called “mouth cancer”!

Again I ask the questions:

At what point does the car owners draw the line on risk vs. rewards? How much time does the car owner spend “mending” fences, publishing company apologies, and reassuring all their sponsors that the behavior in question won’t happen again?  It has to be a public relations nightmare, and a full-time job for both race teams these days!

Similarly, at what point do the sponsors, who write the huge checks to Roger Penske, decide that their money and corporate image could be better invested at another race team?  That is to say, is the risks worth the rewards?

Is KuBu approaching the point that his job is in jeopardy soon?  After all, he has just gone through his third crew chief in the last five years with Penske Racing!  There has got to be a common thread here!

Additional thoughts:

Let’s see, during the month of November NASCAR received a $50,000.00 dollar check from each of the brothers Busch for their NASCAR transgressions.  You do remember the ol Kylie/Ron Hornaday incident from Texas?  Is this just a coincidence, or does this speak to their self-centered, childish, immaturity that seems to be a common trait running in both of their personalities?

That is a total of $100,000.00 worth of fines just from Kyle and Kurt Busch.  Could there be a problem here?  Hmmmm……….I’m just sayin’!

What are your thoughts?



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