NASCAR Parks Kyle Busch For The Weekend!


(WOMR file photo)

NASCAR has spoken once again!

In light of Kyle Busch’s retaliation on Ron Hornaday during Friday night’s Camping World Truck race, NASCAR has sanctioned Kyle Busch severely.  The President of NASCAR, Mike Helton, announced this morning that Kyle Busch will not be allowed to race in neither the Nationwide race on Saturday, nor the Sprint Cup race on Sunday!

The whole Camping Truck race incident happened on lap 13 of the race.  View the video and make your decision.  Was ol Kylie justified in sticking Hornaday into the wall head-on?  Was the initial contact between Hornaday just a “racing thing” that escalated out of hand by Kyle?

It is WOMR’s opinion that this incident went over the line of NASCAR’s “have at ’em boys”!  Now it is NASCAR’s job to evenly and consistently enforce this rule, as well as all the other rules, no matter who steps over the line in the sand, be it Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

It would appear that, even though ol Kylie was in his own truck last night at Texas Motor Speedway, this incident has far reaching implications.  It has put Kyle’s Saturday and Sunday boss, Joe Gibbs, in a very difficult position with the  sponsors of the JGR #18 M&M’s Toyota because of the Friday night problem!

Here is the Kyle Busch/Ron Hornaday truck incident that happened on lap 13 of the race last night.  You be the judge!




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