Stewart Finally Wins A Race In 2011


(WOMR file photo)

Ten races, twelve drivers, one championship, who will be the last man standing?

Tony Stewart was 0 for 26 in “the regular season”.  However, on Monday Stewart began the Chase by winning the Chicagoland Speedway, GEICO 400  race and now going 1 for 1 in “the playoff season”.  Stewart’s last victory came at the Auto Club Speedway in October 2010,today he led the final 30 laps that featured many fuel tanks running out of gas on the final lap of the race.

“You couldn’t pick a better weekend to get that first win of the year than here at Chicago, obviously,” Stewart said. “We felt like there were three or four opportunities earlier in the year that we let some get away from us.  But we have struggled.

“We’ve had a miserable year.  But the last three weeks have really started coming into it.  We had a really good run in Atlanta.  Good solid run last week at Richmond and then to come out this weekend, I didn’t honestly know going into the race, I don’t think Darian either one of us thought that we had as good a car as we thought we needed to win today.  But it didn’t take long in the race to figure out that we were pretty solid.”

Stewart had enough in his tank to reach the checkered flag first. Kevin Harvick was second and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Check out the unofficial results from the GEICO 400.

There are now nine races, twelve drivers, one championship, who will be the last man standing?


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