Kyle Busch Ain’t No Richard Petty!


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There seems to have been a large hoopla made about ol Kylie reaching 100 career wins in the three upper tier racing series in NASCAR.  Granted, that quantity of wins should give reasons to pause.  However, the majority of Busch’s wins have come from the two lower levels of NASCAR, the AA level of the Camping World Truck Series, 29 victories, and  the AAA level of the Nationwide Series with 49 wins.  Through math we can deduct that Busch has garnered 22 wins at the ultimate level of Sprint Cup.

Granted, 100 total wins in NASCAR is nothing to sneeze at.  However, analyzing the break down of the amount of wins in the various divisions leads to some questions that begged to be asked:

1. Can 100 career wins, all by the age of 26 years old, in the Trucks, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup series be compared to  David Pearson’s  105 Sprint Cup victories?

2. Is ol Kylie’s 100 combined victories a greater accomplishment than the 84 Sprint Cup victories that both Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison accrued in their Sprint cup career?

3.  Where does ol Kylie’s 100 victories fit in with Cale Yarborough’s 83 Sprint Cup wins?

4. Does KyBu’s 100 victories deserve to mentioned in the same paragraph with the “King”, Richard Petty and his amazing 200 Sprint Cup victories?

5. Where does KyBu compare with “Old 5 Time”, Jimmie Johnson?  Johnson only has 53 Sprint Cup victories, but nevertheless, Johnson has claimed 5 straight Sprint Cup championships!

6.  How the accomplishments of “Big Daddy”, Jeff Gordon, a four time Sprint Cup champion with 84 Sprint cup victories to his credit.  Additionally he was the quickest NASCAR race car driver to accumulate 50 victories in his career!

7. So in contemplation, what measuring stick do we use?  Is it the amount of victories that define your career greatness?

8. Or does the number of Sprint Cup championships define your racing career?

9. What is the definition of greatness regarding a NASCAR race car driver’s career?

When comparing ol Kylie to Petty, Pearson, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison, and Cale Yarborough, one must realize that all of the victories associated with  those legendary greats of the NASCAR world were accomplished solely at the Sprint Cup Level. It is a given that the Sprint Cup series provides for the toughest, and highest level of competition in stock car racing.

Notwithstanding the fact that Busch has accumulated 100 career victories, however, the overwhelming majority of his tally, 78 wins, have come from the two lower levels of NASCAR racing, Trucks and Nationwide series.  So if comparisons are to be made, and at this point it appears that the NASCAR world is buzz with this comparison, one must compare apples to apples.

So if we are to compare apples to apples, KyBu falls extremely short of the greatness that some writers have bestowed and linked KyBu to!  Ol Kylie’s 22 victories are more comparable to his older brother’s total of 23 Sprint Cup victories and Terry Labonte’s victory total.  However, KyBu lacks the Sprint Cup championship that adorns his brother’s trophy case.  Likewise, ol Kylie lacks the two Sprint Cup championship rings that Labonte owns, as well.

While, Ol Kylie is still waiting to score his Sprint Cup championship, it is quite apparent to workingonmyredneck, that comparing KyBu to the legends of the sport, Petty, Allison, Yarborough, Darrell Watrip, and David Pearson is extremely premature!

Additionally, ol Kylie can’t even get on the same page as one of his contemporary drivers,  the winningest driver of the 21st century, Jimmie Johnson.

Again, it is the opinion of workingonmyredneck that all the glowing comparisons to the legendary greats of NASCAR that have emerged ever since Kyle Busch scored his 100th career win in NASCAR is extremely premature.  Not only is it extremely premature, but the comparisons are made not comparing apples to apples, rather, they are comparing apples to oranges at this point in KyBu’s career!


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