Is Aggressive Driving On The Increase?


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If you thought that some of the double-duty drivers were busy this weekend, it will not compare to the hustle and bustle that will be happening this week in the NASCAR race teams fabrication, body, and machine shops.  All the kings horses and the the kings men are trying to repair all the damage done during the Infineon race.

Prior to the carnage at the weekend of NASCAR’s first road race of the season, here are some words regarding the increase of aggressive driving that appears to be happening this season.

Tony Stewart, #14 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet: “I can promise you there will be a lot of guys that will just crash each other just because they think they can. I’ll bet anything I’ve got in my pocket that in the last two or three laps, somebody dumps somebody just doing something stupid. So there’s no doubt in my mind that’ll happen.

“It’s getting worse every year. Every time we come here, guys are getting worse about it. They put themselves in holes that puts everybody else in bad positions and just wreck each other for no reason.”

Carl Edwards, #99 Roush Fenway Racing Ford: “I think the aggression has ratcheted up across the board. I think in these road courses it has gone through the roof.

This has become a fairly common sight at Infineon Raceway.

If you leave anything open, guys dive in and door slam you and they are really going for it. If we don’t get that long green flag run at the end. If we get caution after caution with like two laps to go on the race, it is going to be insane. We could wear out the green-white-checker here for sure.”

Jeff Gordon, #24 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet: “It’s just different kind of aggressiveness.  You’re talking about aggressive braking and driving into the corner hard and really getting the car slowed down and out-braking other cars with the down shifts.  In that sense, you have to be aggressive when you’re passing somebody or trying to prevent somebody from being passed.  The rest of this track is about not being aggressive.

“This is a very finesse race track.  There is just a couple areas that you can drive deep in the corner.  The rest of them it’s about not making mistakes.  I think coming into turn 11, yeah, you can be aggressive there, but other than that you have to be careful being aggressive here.”

Did Jeffy learn this the hard way?  I mean after his race last year at Infineon, the only car that he didn’t hit was the pace car!  Even though Gordon is the most successful road race driver in NASCAR, last year he failed to show his road racing prowess at all.

What are your views on the apparent increase in aggressive driving this season?


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