Camping World Truck Series: Best Bang For The Buck?


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Last week my NASCAR cyberspace buddy, Bruce Simmons over at, wrote an article for WOMR.  In his article Bruce wrote about the quality of racing and dollar value to fans by attending a Nationwide Series race versus a Sprint Cup Series race.  I will agree with his assessment of the race quality and the dollar value for the race fans.  The fans get an opportunity to see several of the Sprint Cup drivers who elect to drive in “the Saturday race”, better known as the Nationwide Series races.  The races are shorter, not necessarily a marathon.

However, I will go one step further than Bruce did in analyzing a “companion race weekend”.

The ardent NASCAR race fans might agree with WOMR that some of the best racing occurs when the Camping World Truck Series shows up on a NASCAR weekend!  Granted, not all NASCAR companion weekends will include the third tier of the touring series, the Camping World Truck Series.  Nevertheless, the Camping World Truck Series accompanies the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series to approximately two-thirds of the NASCAR race weekends.  Therefore, there are ample opportunities to sample this exciting racing series.

There are several reasons why WOMR believes that the absolute best bang for the buck is the Camping World Truck Series races.  Some of the reasons I believe that the Camping World Truck Series are the absolute best bang for the buck were first stated by Bruce in his article regarding the Nationwide Series races.

My top four reasons for attending a Camping World Truck Series race:

1. The Camping World Truck Series ticket prices are even cheaper than the Nationwide races.

2. The Truck races are usually 150-200 mile races that are action packed, lasting only about 2 hours.

3. Like the Nationwide Series races, the fans can get a glimpse of some of the Sprint Cup drivers that race in the Truck Series, like ol Kylie Busch, Elliott Sadler, and Kasey Kahne, just to name a few.

4. Additionally, there is an abundance of young, fresh new racing talent trying to make their mark and advance up the ladder.

Having listed four of my reasons for attending a Truck race, there are a few more benefits to being at the track on Friday.  On Friday you still get to see the stars of the Sprint Cup, and most likely the Nationwide drivers, on the track working on either qualifying runs and/or race setups.

My first introduction to the Camping World Truck Series (formally the Craftsman Truck Series) was at the California Speedway back in 1998.  I bought a pit pass and wondered through the garage area and was in awe of all the cool stuff that I was witnessing.  Also the California Speedway Friday schedule consisted of watching both, the Sprint Cup and Nationwide drivers, on the track.  That was truly a treat.

Whether you catch a Camping World Truck Series race at the short “bull rings”, the companion weekends, the stand alone venues, or the superspeedways, the racing is real and the racing is intense!  Give the Camping World Series Truck race an opportunity to entertain you the next time you make a NASCAR race weekend, you won’t be disappointed!


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