Kyle Four-Peets Bristol


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If this is Bristol, then it can only mean that Kyle Busch is in Victory Lane once again.

Last August, Busch swept the Bristol weekend by winning in all three of the elite touring series races there.  Today he added a fourth race victory in a row to his resume at Bristol Motor Speedway, winning the 29th Annual Scotts EZ Seed 300.

This is his second victory, and his third top 10 finish in the four Nationwide races in 2011.  Likewise, it was his third victory and eleventh top 10 finish in fourteen total races at Bristol!

In addition to this victory, number 45 in the Nationwide Series, Busch crossed over another milestone in the series.  It has only taken 206 races for him to pass the 10,000 laps led in his very short Nationwide career, remember he is only 25 years old!  Ol Kylie has led almost 2,000 laps more than any of his competitors in this series!  Add to the fact that this is the first back-to-back victories at Bristol, in the Nationwide Series, since Steve Grissom did it back in 1995.  Now you see why all the fuss over this talented, but very childishly immature race car driver!

To say that Kyle Busch had a dominating race car would be a gross understatement.  He only led 268 laps of the 300 lap race!  Maybe Bruton Smith ought to change the name of the track to Kyle Busch Motor Speedway?

Here is the unofficial results of the 29th Annual Scotts EZ Seed 300.

Is Kyle unstoppable in the Nationwide Series this year?

What do you think?


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