How The HMS Crew Chief Swap Really Worked


Photo courtesy Leon Hammack)

As the media reported last week, there was a major shakeup, a crew chief swap, a company upheaval, or whatever you would like to call it, at Hendrick Motorsports!

After closer scrutiny, it appears that the way this swap is going to really happen is as follows:

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the #88, all his sponsors, AMP and the National Guard, etc., are really moving into the #24 shop with all its equipment in tact.  Crew chief Steve Latarte and all the #24 support and race team is staying put in their shop.

Jeff Gordon, the #24 and all his sponsors, are moving over to the #5 shop with Alan Gustafson.  All the #5  support and race team staying intact, as well.

Likewise, Mark Martin, the #5 and all his associated sponsors will move over to the #88 shop with all the #88 support and race team in tact, as well.

So in the final analysis, the real movement in all this crew swap upheaval at Hendrick is that the three drivers affected are shifting to new race shops/buildings within the organization.  Those particular race teams are changing paint schemes and numbers to reflect their new driver’s sponsors and affiliations.

That, my friends, in a nutshell is the final analysis of “The Great Shakeup AT HMS”!

And as Paul Harvey used to say,”now you know the rest of the story”

What is your take on the “New Hendrick Motorsports” lineup?


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