Kylie Captures The Mountain Dew 250

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And they call Jimmy Spencer, “Mr. Excitement”?

WOMR has been going to all types of racing, dirt track, short track, paved short track, drags, NASCAR, etc., since the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, and three of the best and closest races that I have ever personally witnessed have all involved TLVW, (The Las Vegas Weasel) Kyle Busch!  The first race involving Busch was the Las Vegas Nationwide race in which Busch and Jeff Burton were door handle to door handle coming to the checkered flag out of turn four.  Both drivers were determined not to get out of the gas, now matter what.  Busch was banging on Burton’s race car, unfortunately Busch lost control of his car, and crashed as they both crossed the start finish line.

The second race that I have personally witnessed involving ol Kylie was last year’s truck race at Talladega.  In that race Aric Almirola, Kyle’s team mate with Billy Balllew Racing, pushed Busch to the front of the pack.  As the two Ballew trucks came out of the tri-oval, Busch nosed out his competitors by just a few inches for the victory at the finish line.

Those two races were very exciting races to watch from the stands.  However, the Mountain Dew 250 Saturday afternoon from Talladega Superspeedway was by far the closest and most exhilarating race that I have ever personally witnessed in nearly 50 years!

Out of the tri-oval approaching the the start finish line, Busch’s truck was in full wiggle mode as he took the checkered flag. His left wheels were below the yellow line at the bottom of the track which prompted an upset Almirola to claim that the winning pass was illegal!

Busch, however, was given the win, his sixth of the season. The victory was by .002 seconds.

“That’s cool,” Busch said of the winning move. “I didn’t want to do it. Aric deserved to win the race. I had Johnny pushing me. I couldn’t go too high because he would have gotten under me. I had to keep going. It was crazy there at the end.”

Almirola met with NASCAR officials after the race to get an explanation of why Busch’s pass was not ruled illegal.

“The reason they gave me was that Kyle’s truck was sideways when he was next to me and that what made him go below the yellow line was that he was trying to regain control of his truck,” Almirola said. “I guess if you get out of control and go below the yellow line and save it, it’s OK to advance.

“I don’t have a clear understanding of the rule, I guess”, continued Almirola.

Here is the unofficial results from the Mountain Dew 250 at Talladega Superspeedway.

Move over Jimmy Spencer, you are so mundane compared to ol Kylie Busch!

WOMR poses the question one more time.  Is Kyle Busch really that good?  Was Busch below the yellow line, if so, was he justified in staying in the gas while he was trying to recover?  What do you think?

See you at the Talladega Superspeedway Sunday.


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