Kansas Speedway Track Facts

Kansas Speedway | Kansas City, KS 66111

Track Facts:

Kansas Speedway 1.5 mile tri-oval suitable for all types of racing

15 degrees in the turns
10.4 degrees in the front stretch
5 degrees in the back stretch
Track pavement width is 55 feet.

The speedway is strategically located at the intersection of I-435 and I-70 in Kansas City, Kan., about 15 miles west of downtown Kansas City.

Seating Capacity:
The track seats nearly 82,000 spectators in the grandstands, but has the ability to expand to 150,000. The facility has fan friendly access to 65 rows of seating, with a unique ground level concourse that allows spectators to walk down 30 rows (on grade) or up 35 rows (on structure).

Parking for the facility accommodates more than 65,000 vehicles. Parking is always free at Kansas Speedway.

SAFER Barrier
The Steel and Foam Energy Reduction System (SAFER barrier) at Kansas Speedway is made of steel tubes and pads of energy-absorbing foam attached to the track’s existing concrete retainer walls between Turns 1 and 2, between Turns 3 and 4 and along most of the frontstretch. The total 1.28 miles of SAFER walls around Kansas Speedway is the longest length at any of the tracks with SAFER walls on the NASCAR circuit. The SAFER wall at Kansas Speedway is about 40 inches high, and extends about 30 inches from the wall. Each SAFER wall section consists of five steel tubes stacked vertically. Closed cell foam is stacked between the steel tubes and the old retaining wall to create energy-absorbing pylons.

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