It’s The Clint Bowyer Show

(photo courtesy Al Bello/Getty Images)

Saturday evening at Richmond International Raceway is the debut of “The Clint Bowyer Show”.  Even though ABC is broadcasting the Air Guard 400, the real title of the show should be “The Clint Bowyer Show”!  Bowyer will be the focus of attention by most fans and several race teams throughout the race this evening.

Bowyer is the bubble boy. He is 12th in points entering the last race before the start of the 12-driver, 10-race NASCAR playoff known as the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship.

His lead over 13th place is relatively comfortable, 117 points over Ryan Newman, but auto racing may be the least comfortable sport on the planet.

A mistake on his part, a mistake on the part of somebody near him, an equipment failure coupled with even a good finish by Newman and there could be a Bowyer bubble burst.

Tonight at Richmond the weather is going to be hot, the the brakes are going to be hot, the the tempers are going to be hot, the only thing left to see is what team is going to be hot, and therefore, have some momentum for the 2010 Chase to the Sprint Cup championship.

Here is the starting lineup for Saturday’s Air Guard 400.

Now that this is the last race before The Chase to The Sprint Cup Championship, who do you think has the best chance to become the 2010 Sprint Cup Champion?

Can Jimmie Johnson pull of five successive championships in a row?  Is this the year of “The Shrub”?  Could Jeff Gordon pull one more championship out of his helmet?  Will the phrase, “where there’s SMOKE there’s fire” have any validity?  Anybody “sticking with The Bif”?  Can Harvick hang onto his season long lead?


What is your thoughts?

Turn it on, tune it in, and turn it up!


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