Shaq Vs Dale Jr.

(Dale Jr and Shaq ready for Shaq’s TV show)
“Shaq Daddy”, aka Shaquille O’Neal, has moved into NASCAR country for the next segment of his TV show, “Shaq vs……”.  He finally thinks that he has gotten someone who he can beat, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!  So far “Shaq Daddy” has lost to everyone that he has had on his show.
Shaq has lost to Albert Pujols in baseball, Ben Rothlisberger in football, Keri Walsh and Misti May-Treanor in volleyball,Serena Williams in tennis, Oscar de la Hoya in boxing, and the Boston Celtics in basketball!  The Celtics weren’t part of the TV show, the Celtics beat Shaq’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the NBA playoffs.
However, there are athletes with a longer losing streak than Shaq.  Maybe that is why he decided to invade NASCAR country.  Dale Earnhardt,Jr. last won a Sprint Cup race on June 15, 2008.  That is a streak of 73 races and two years since he last recorded a victory!  Maybe that is why “Shaq Daddy” came to Mooresvile, N.C., maybe he has finally found someone that he can beat!
Shaq and Dale Jr. will race Wednesday between 5 and 7 pm at Concord Speedway.  Admission is free of charge. ABC will telecast this show in August.  Even though it is free, the fans can not bring cell phones or camers in the facility.  Presumably to preclude the divulging the outcome of the race.
The rules for the race will obviously give “Shaq Daddy” some help and handicap Dale Jr.  Nevertheless, it should make for an interesting challenge for both Dale Jr. and “Shaq Daddy”!
What is your take on this TV show?

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