Cup Splitter Losing Its Braces

(Nationwide CoT photo courtesy JR Motorsports)

The Sprint Cup splitter is going to loose its braces!  NASCAR Vice President Robin Pemberton announced that beginning in 2011 the splitter on the Cup car will look differently.  The new front valance and splitter design will no longer need the support braces to hold the splitter in place.  “It will be less utilitarian-looking,” Pemberton said.  “It’ll have a little more style in it, and I think that people will like that.  As we work forward, that’s not the last change.  We’re looking on some stuff that actually has to coincide with the manufacturers and their introduction of new cars to sell.”  Pemberton said that the current design, introduced in 2007, is due for an upgrade.

As the above photo will prove, NASCAR tried to put some pizzazz and manufacturer identity in the design of the new Nationwide Car of Tomorrow.  The new Sprint Cup front end and splitter will take on some of the characteristic that are implemented in the Nationwide car, Pemberton has indicated.  With the idea of putting back into the race car some manufacture identity, there are likely more changes on the horizon for the Sprint Cup race cars.

It sounds like NASCAR is getting back to having the race car look somewhat like the real thing!  What are your thoughts on actually have a race car look like the brand it is really is trying to represent?


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