Speed Channel to Stream Video Online


SPEED TV is about to start streaming live video on the Internet.  This report comes from my buddy Bruce Simmons’ site, Stuff on Brusimm.

It is reported that SPEED TV will introduce SPEED2 in June.  It is a broadband network with live streaming of video that would compliment the traditional SPEED channel.  The June release is a beta version that will be released and available for only SPEED subscribers.  However, in July the full release will be available for all to try.

SPEED’s President Hunter Nickell said that the network is set to launch this summer, who also claimed that NASCAR will be at the forefront of the linear broadband network.

“Developing SPEED2 provides a dedicated platform for a wider variety of racing, including some of the coolest international events from tracks around the world,” Nickell said.

According to Mike Biard, executive vice president of Fox Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing, SPEED2 will be at the cutting edge of new media programming.

“Our distributors have been seeking more online content to complement their video offerings, and this network will deliver what drives viewership – exclusive live events and dramatic action – all in an authenticated online environment,” Biard said.

In addition to NASCAR, SPEED2 will feature magazine shows, as well as over a dozen other international racing series.

Now maybe I can watch the NASCAR Friday practices online when I am on my layovers, since most hotels do not have SPEED TV on  its cable channels


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