Slow Start In IRL For Danica

Danica Patrick has little trouble clicking through the reasons why she is off to the worst start of her IndyCar career.  Things like poor qualifying, missed opportunities, bad setups, and even worse bad luck!

However, never, does Danica use the word “NASCAR” while trying to explain what she admits is unexplainable.  The “femme fatale” is not about to place blame on her part-time gig with JR Motorsports!

“It just is a  really easy thing to look at, and easy excuse,” she said.  “I don’t think there’s anything to it.”

Patrick is quick to point out that she’s simply the latest in a long line of drivers who have split seat time between different series.  Tony Stewart did it, A.J. Foyt did it as well.

If anything, Danica feels that additional seat time should be making her a better driver.  She has no doubt it will.  It is just not leading to better results, at least not yet.

Patrick is 16th in the points standings of the IRL heading into the Indy 500 and has finished outside the Top 10 in four of the five races so far.  She had finished outside the Top 10 only seven times for the entire 2009 season, when she finished a career best fifth place in the standings!

In this past off-season, Patrick re-signed with Andretti Auotsports to compete for the IRL title.  Two months into the season, she is not even competing for a top spot in her own team!

What is your take on Danica Patrick?


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