Let ‘Em Race!

2009 Daytona 500 080

(photo courtesy of Leon Hammack)

After being at Talladega for the fall 2009 race, I witnessed a very boring 9/10 of the race!  I was not impressed with NASCAR President Mike Helton’s edict of “no bump drafting”.  That led to a very mundane, follow the leader style of racing.

NASCAR created the bump drafting style of racing when it implemented the restrictor plates on the intake manifolds.  The drivers, in all their creativity, figured out how to make the race exciting, even though they they were all driving with their foot matted to the floor and really had no competitive advantage over the rest of the cars.  Nonetheless, the restrictor plate racing has been a very exciting race for the fans.  The drivers, however and understandably, have never been a fan of the restrictor plate racing.

Now it appears that NASCAR is ready to make some needed adjustments to the cars, drivers, and the “double yellow lines”.  NASCAR is strongly looking at removing the rear wing and replacing it with the old spoiler blade.  This would give much more down force to the race car, thus giving more traction or grip to the tires.  That alone could make the car more drive easier.  It would possibly allow the cars to turn better, a huge complaint with the CoT.  That can only increase competition, one of NASCAR’s primary concerns involving any possible rule changes.

Secondly, NASCAR is looking at removing the double yellow (out of bounds) lines at Daytona and Talladega.  The double yellow lines appeared to, at first glance, have a positive affect on the racing.  It defined and limited the racing surface.  However, in the last couple of years, the double yellow lines have been a source of agitation, consternation, as well as crumpled sheet metal!

Additionally, there may be a change to the front end splitter device.  There is thoughts of possibly returning to a front end air dam.  The splitter has been the source of many cut tires and cut valve stems, leading to flat tires and quite possibly excursions into crash wall!

Lastly, NASCAR is exploring the idea of allowing a larger restrictor plate on the intake manifolds.  That will allow more air into the manifold, creating more horsepower, and possibly better racing at Daytona and Talladega.

Here at Workingonmyredneck, the view is put the spoiler back on the rear deck lids, put a bigger restrictor plate on the cars, eliminate the double yellow lines, but most importantly…….LET ‘EM RACE!

What are your views on the possible rule changes that NASCAR is pondering for 2010?


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