Hendrick Motorsports Magic?

(photo courtesy Hendrick PR)

What does Rick Hendrick possess that none of the other owners have?  How are his race teams able to perform at such a continuously high level?  What is the magic piece to the puzzle?

Three of his four NASCAR race teams are fighting for the 2009 Sprint Cup Championship.  Those teams are, the #48 Lowe’s Chevy, the #24 Dupont Chevy, and the #5 Kellogg’s/Carquest Chevy. The fourth team, the #88 AMP/National Guard Chevy, is in the midst of a huge slump!

The key ingredient, according to team owner Rick Hendrick, is TEAMWORK! “We do this thing all together”, he emphasized.  He goes on to add that his people are the key in making his company strong, from the engineering department, to the fabrication department, to the office people.  “We do this thing all TOGETHER!”

Chad Knauss can attest to that fact of TEAMWORK.  He said that even during the heat of the championship battle over the last three years, during the team meetings and even at the race track, all four of the race teams were privy to all notes from all  of the crew chiefs at Hendrick Motorsports.

Rick Hendrick plays no favorites.   He says that he has always has pressed for his company to work together, teamwork, they are treated equally!  His policy is that we all succeed or we all fail, but we do it all TOGETHER!  As the  head of this conglomerate known as Hendrick Motorsports, as well as his car dealerships, Hendrick thinks of his company as his family.  He is, in effect, the “patriarch” of his company, and as such takes great pride in providing all the necessary tools for his people to succeed.  So what is that magic ingredient at HMS?

TEAMWORK, that is the magic ingredient!


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