J.C France Arrested On Drug Charges!


This just in off the associated Press wire!

Associated Press

MIAMI — A grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France was arrested early Thursday on drug charges in Daytona Beach and admitted to a drug rehab center, according to a police report.

J.C. France faces charges of possession of narcotics and driving under the influence. France posted $4,500 bond and was released from Volusia County jail Thursday afternoon. The residential rehab in orlando is said to help patients overcome addiction comfortably.

France, 43, was driving a 2007 green Lamborghini when he was stopped shortly after midnight Thursday. Authorities believe he was racing his half-brother, 40-year-old Russell Van Richmond. France failed to stop at a traffic light and swerved on the roadway before coming to a stop in a parking lot.

Richmond, who was driving a 2003 Porsche when he was stopped, reportedly threatened the officer during the arrest. Such incidents have been reported by Bail Bonds Weekly news and they have to be seriously addressed.

“No, this is a mistake for you,” he told the officer, according to the report. “I’m a France, we own this city.”

Authorities continued with the investigation, and Richmond called for their commanding officers.

“You’re done,” he reportedly told an officer. “Your job is over. This is the biggest mistake ever and your [sic] so done in Daytona.”

While conducting a search during the traffic stop, authorities found containers with a “white cakelike substance.” The substances gave a presumptive positive reactions for cocaine when they were tested.

Richmond faces two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence and two counts of threatening a police officer. He posted $10,500 bond and was released from custody Thursday.

France is the son of NASCAR board member Jim France and a driver in NASCAR’s Grand-Am Series. Richmond is the son of Jim France’s ex-wife. The two share a home in Daytona Beach, according to the police report. A telephone number listed for Richmond rang unanswered Thursday evening. A man who answered the phone at a number listed for France said he was not available.

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston released a statement saying France has been suspended from all competition.

“Grand-Am has issued a penalty notice and suspended J.C. indefinitely from all competition for actions detrimental to racing,” Poston said. “The penalty is not appealable. J.C. is being treated like any other competitor. His suspension is immediate and indefinite.”


This is very interesting, in light of the NASCAR/Jeremy Mayfield legal battle over Mayfield’s failed random drug test earlier this year!  What is your take of this latest news out of the France family?  Will the head of the sanctioning body of the Grand-Am Series, which happens to be J.C.’s daddy Jim France, really attack J.C. with the same vengeance?  It also sounds as if Jim France’s step-son is in “deep doodoo” as well!


2 Comments on “J.C France Arrested On Drug Charges!”

  1. Heres another situation about J.C. France. Preseason thunder 2004, I worked at the track then, the track is cold and had been for about 2 hours, I hear over the radio someone has gone out on the track doing “hot” laps in a white Caddilac Escalade, Security was on duty and also contacted the Daytona PD to help. It turned out that J.C was giving a ride around the track at over 100 mph with an un-identified female (some said she looked like a street girl) and (heres the character of this piece of waste) 2 children in the back seat in childseats! His statement to security was, ” I own this track” Who in their right mind has the lack of brains and judgement and will put ANYONE at risk whenever he wants to! JC France. your a waste of blood and protien! Go disolve in jail, or even better, send him to Somalia!

  2. J.C. France (LMAO) Here is a grandson of the founding family of NASCAR , The France Family, working in the “most family orientated form of sport in human history” as Bill sr. said back in 1988. J.C. France has NEVER worked a day in his life, if someone calls spending the families money for cocaine, travel, women and giving police officers a hard time ANY time he gets a chance; a job, well ok, he at least works hard at those things. I personally have spoken to this piece of sh*t. He is, without a doubt, the most narcistic, self sensational person I have ever met. Yet he drives in the Grand Am league that Bill France Jr created back in 2002. Who let this guy out of his cage? Many people have known for a long time that he is known as a “player” locally, and it is no secret that he loves spending the families money and doing drugs. So I ask, lets call out J.C. France and the Grand AM and prove to those greed eating, my underwear dont stink types, and have J.C. banned for life at all tracks!

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