The Mayfield Saga Continues

Jeremy Mayfield is topic No. 1 in the garages at Daytona this week. (File photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

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According to the original site about Nascar on drugs, the saga continues for Jeremy Mayfield.  Just when you thought that maybe this story was going to subside, NASCAR says he has failed another drug test for meth!  This drama just continues to raise questions, that at times defy all logic!

Wouldn’t it seem illogical that Jeremy Mayfield would continue to use drugs knowing that he is the most scrutinized race car driver in decades?   Now NASCAR has paraded out Mayfield’s estranged step-mother, Lisa Mayfield, to testify under oath that she has witnessed Jeremy Mayfield using meth approximately 30 times  from 1998-2005.

She has stated that she has seen Mayfield cook his own meth at his race shop in Mooresville, N.C.  She went on to state that once the ingredients got too expensive to make meth  himself,  Mayfield bought his drugs from a drug dealer!  Who was the dealer or dealers?

So for seven years Lisa Mayfield witnessed her step-son using meth,  endangering his life and all the others that he raced against.  All the while keeping her  mouth shut, never reporting that fact to the authorities and  NASCAR!   She even testified that she witnessed Mayfield use meth prior to racing at Darlington in that same time period!  For seven years she never sought help for her step-son?  For seven years she never coordinated an intervention with the rest of the family?  For seven years this occurred and nothing, no outrage, no intervention, no call to the authorities, no call to NASCAR!  I am having a very difficult time understanding this, especially from family!

Lisa Mayfield said that she witnessed his drug abuse from 1998-2005, but what happened since 2005?  Why did it take so long for her conscience to erupt and come forward?  What  caused her to speak out just when NASCAR needed a star witness?  While under oath she comes forward to say that others also witnessed his drug abuse as well, why not name those names?  How did she know that Jeremy Mayfield was buying meth?

Again it defies all  logic how this story is unfolding to the public!  Why did Lisa Mayfield wait so long to divulge this information?  It just doesn’t seem to logical!  This story is starting to have a funny smell to it!

If Mayfield is longtime meth user, it defies the picture that is out in the public of a user being an emaciated, bad toothed, deathly looking individual.  That is not the current picture of Jeremy Mayfield, witness the photo above!  That picture is a picture of a very healthy viral race car driver.  Again I say that this story is defying all prevailing logic!

This whole Jeremy Mayfield failed drug test, estranged step-mother blowing the whistle, convoluted story smells to high-heaven!  What do you think?


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