Rebel With The Jaws!

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has been named NASCAR’s most popular driver six years straight in fan voting.  Kyle Busch doesn’t dispute the award.  He does, however, dispute the relevance of the award.


“They should change it the “most loved driver”, Busch says.  “Everyone loves Jr., so he’s going to get it.  But I’m the most popular with the media and the fans talking all the time, whether they say good things or bad things'”.


“People are so obsessed with everything I do, I enjoy it.  I’m not here to be vanilla.  What’s the ice cream flavor all green and purple?  That’s me! I’m colorful”, Busch continued.


Busch stirred another hornets nest last week when he said fans most upset with him were “the ones with 88 tattooed on their arms, or maybe still 8’s”,referring to Junior’s current number and his previous number.


That brashness has divided the fans, you either love him or hate him.  But there are some fans, such as Jo Koster, who thinks that Busch’s antics are rehearsed.  “He is getting a lot of attention for wearing the “black hat”, but I don’t think he’s promoting the sport or his own tremendous talent by his faked “bad boy” act.”  Koster, an English professor at Winthrop University, says in an e-mail.  Instead, a lot of fans feel he’s making fun and mocking us.  Now Tim Richmond was a convincing rebel; Kyle’s central casting!”



From the quotes that have been attributed to ol Kylie in the above article, it appears that young Mr. Busch suffers from “a larger than life self image”!  Sure he can wheel a race car around the old track, but his idea that everyone is obsessed with him is so far fetched that I believe that he needs an appointment with Dr. Sigmuend Freud, Dr. Phil, or Dr. Kevorkian!


Busch would be better served to just “shut up and drive the race car“!!

What is your take on the M&M’s #18 Toyota driver?

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