All He Wanted To Do Is Race!

Johnny Benson

Johnny Benson


With the present state of the economy and the impact on the auto industry, even the reigning champion from the Camping World Truck Series wasn’t immune from the sponsorship problems.  Last week  Red Horse Racing had to shutter the #1 Toyota team  because there was just not enough sponsorhip money to keep that team running and pay all the bills.


So Johnny Benson did what he has always done, he packed up his helmet, went back to his home state of Michigan and climbed into a race car!  In years gone by on off dates from NASCAR, Benson has often climbed into race cars at the short tracks around his home state of Michigan to do what he loves to do….RACE.


Saturday night J.B. took his fire suit and helmet to Berlin Raceway in Marne, MI to race in a super modified race.  It was there that Benson was involved in a firey crash that has sent him to the hospital with multipe injuries  including broken ribs and burns.  The latest reports indicate that Johnny Benson  is listed in serious but stable condition.


You might ask yourself, “why would Benson, a big time NASCAR race car driver, go racing at a local short track?”  Because Johnny Benson IS A RACER, pure and simple!!  Racers do one thing,  they RACE!

My thoughts and prayers are with J.B. and his family.

Till next time, I am still working on my redneck!

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